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Why Work With Wroy Consulting?

The journey to business growth starts here. We know the thrills – and hurdles – involved in starting, maintaining, and growing your business.

Work with our team to have a deeper understanding of your strengths and potential, identify and address your growth opportunities, and accelerate your road to success.

About Us

WROY CONSULTING is in South Miami, but our services extend far beyond the State of Florida.

We are cognizant of the prerequisites and requirements established by – or binding – corporate, local, state, and federal entities. These insights allow us to deliver strategic consulting support and solutions that help our customers to scale to address larger opportunities in the public and private sector.

Our principal, Myrtha Wroy, has over 28 years of excellence in business consulting with a focus on compliance, certification paths, project and contract management, and processes related to procurement and acquisitions. She has served the public and private sectors in international and national projects for diverse organizations and companies.

Myrtha and our team of seasoned consultants work with business owners, key constituents, and management teams and optimize or create structures, teams, processes, and critical frameworks like minority and business certifications, customers’ responses, and readiness for public and private sector bids and projects, preparing clients for business expansion and solid revenue growth. To broaden our reach to clients in multicultural spaces, Wroy Consulting provides services in English, Creole, French, and Spanish.

Our comprehensive knowledge of how your business and the procurement ecosystem work enable us to address your most critical business needs, always maximizing your return on investment.

Our Services

Contract Management

Contract Review, Compliance, Management, and Close-out: We assist with both pre-award and post-award contract documents. We assess compliance requirements, develop an effective plan, and ensure that firms are – and remain – in full compliance with the contracting terms.  We manage contract from award to close-out, conducting a final audit aligned with all contract clauses.

Certification/Vendor Registration

We assist with
– Vendor Registration
– Business Certification
with Local/State/Federal municipalities

Bid/Proposal Preparation and Submission

We help you by identifying Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations to Bid (ITBs) and Public Notices (PNs) that are aligned with you and your company’s capabilities. We work with you, reviewing and optimizing your proposals and responses to ensure that you are addressing the bidder’s needs, leading you to success. We also submit and update your representations and certifications (Reps/Certs), guaranteeing your full compliance with any credentials that may be required in your government and private sector projects.

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Grant Management

Grant Preparation, Management, and Close-out – We assist you with identifying grant opportunities, locating fiscal sponsors, and fulfilling both pre-grant and post-grant requirements. We offer guidance for budget development and reconciliation. We assess compliance requirements of the grant application, help develop a plan, and ensure that firms are and remain in full compliance of the grant requirements.  We assist with grant management from award to close-out.  We conduct final audits and assist with final reports.

Small Business Assistance

No business is too small or too big for our services. We will find a niche to conquer! We have two aspects to it:

  • Business Assessment
  • Business Development

Business Assessment

An initial meeting with business owners, key stakeholders or members of leadership and management teams helps us determine your business structure and readiness for scaling and growth. This in-depth assessment also allows us to identify immediate risk factors and create motions to address and mitigate them.

Business Development

Wroy Consulting conducts research to determine firms’ readiness for corporate and government growth opportunities and helps customers to scale and qualify to do business with the public and private sectors, which has a direct impact on their bottom lines.


  1. EDWOSB: Economicall Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business, Small  Busiess Administration
  2. W & M B : Certified as a Women & Minority Business by the State of Florida, Office of Supplier Diversity
  3. SBE-G&S: Small Business Enterprise –  Goods and Services, Miami Dade County, Small Business Development (SBD),  a division of the Internal Services Department (ISD)  
  4. LBD : Certified as a Local Developing Business by Miami Dade County Small Business Development  (SBD), a division of the Internal Services Department (ISD)  
  5. MBE Tier 1 : Certified as a Micro Business Enterprise (MBE) by Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  6. MWBE : Certified as a Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) by Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  7. S/M/WBE : Certified as a Small/Minority/Women Business Enterprise by the School Board of Broward County 


The Manager

Myrtha Wroy

Manager, Wroy Consulting

About Myrtha Wroy: A seasoned program consultant with an extensive background in Business Consulting, Compliance, Project / Contract Management, Procurement, and Acquisitions; with measurable achievements in the areas of leadership, communication, adaptability, problem-solving, process and implementation. 

About Wroy Consulting: Wroy Professional Consulting with over 28 years combined experience; offers a broad of services in the fields of Compliance, Contract Management, Project Management, Grant Support, Procurement, Acquisitions, Business Development, not limited to Small Business Assistance.


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